Rewards Card

 What does the St Denis Rewards card provide?

The St Denis Rewards card provides the holder a 10% credit on the purchase of golf/golf cart usage that can then be applied to future golf/golf cart usage.  This applies to individual golf and cart fees on weekdays, weekends, leagues, and holidays.  It does not apply to outings, golf merchandise, proshop purchases, snackbar purchases or the driving range.  A great value for league members & regular players – essentially, every 11th play is FREE with this program.

How can I redeem my credit?

You must have accumulated $20+ in credit on your card to redeem your credit.  Whenever that is the case, simply present your card to apply the credit earned.   Remember, credits can only be used to pay for golf/golf cart usage.  

What does it cost?

The cost of a rewards card is a one-time fee of $5.  Remember that playing a single weekend round at $43 will give a credit of $4.30.  This card pays for itself if you play St Denis more than once each year.

 Why did we introduce this program?

We are proud to be one of the best values in golf in northeast Ohio, and reinvest in the course yearly to maintain this standard.  Our many loyal customers make this possible.  This is a way for us to show our appreciation–by offering an even better value to our repeat customers.

 What information will I have to provide?

Only your name, address, and email address.   While email addresses may be used to let you know about St Denis special offers & course updates (yearly opening, closing, etc), under no circumstances will any of your personal information be shared with any 3rd party.

 What if I lose my card?

 There will be a $5 charge per replacement card due to the cost of the program.


***  Gift cards, rain checks and rewards points are redeemable for golf, range and cart usage only.  Not applicable at snackbar or for proshop merchandise.

***  Rewards points are redeemable only from January 1 thru September 30 in any calendar year.

***  Unredeemed rewards points, gift cards, rain checks have no intrinsic cash value.  They can be used only in exchange for golf, range and cart usage only when the golf course is open for public play.