Tour of St. Denis Golf Course

A good score is possible, but not a given, at St. Denis. Other than hitting your golf ball out-of-bounds on one of 6 holes, the course is kept conditioned so you can always find your ball. You will find that St. Denis Golf Course is…

  • A fair test of golf.
  • A forgiving course where one can spray a shot on certain holes and get away with it.
  • A challenging course to even the experienced golfer due to its topography–level lies are hard to come by at St. Denis.
  • A “no excuse” course, where golfers have to blame themselves, not the golf course, for a poor shot. The crew at St. Denis prides themselves on its being well-conditioned on a daily basis.
  • A picturesque course everyday, but especially in the fall when maple leaf colors abound.
  • Remember, St. Denis has the third highest elevation in Geauga County, resulting in winds that, at times, can challenge even a highly experienced player.